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Strategic communications for stakeholder

engagement, risk and change management


One of the most challenging components of business is to effectively manage stakeholder engagements so that informed, evidence-based business decisions can be made. The mental modeling approach has been used effectively by prominent brands in virtually every economic sector internationally to reduce risk and improve outcomes. 

Who We Are.

Crossroad Communications is member of the Collaborative Value Network with Decision Partners: Cognitive Science Systems. We provide access to a pipeline to the latest advancements in the decision and behavioral sciences. With the support of Mental Modeling Technology™ Platform, that knowledge is applied to strategic business decisions in complex stakeholder environments to enhance client outcomes.


What We Do.

Mental modeling enables us to address factors shaping judgment, decision-making and behavior. By knowing what influences people’s decisions to take action – such as with medication/treatment adherence – we can design evidence-based communications that meet the needs of the client and most effectively influence the behavior of their stakeholders.