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Strategic communications for stakeholder

engagement, risk and change management

Dyna Vink to Speak at the Society of Risk Analysis Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. On June 19, 2017, Dyna Vink has been invited to present on the topic "Mental Modeling Technology Platform for integrated risk management and risk communication". The Mental Modeling Technology Platform is a new evidence-based technology to support strategic decision making. Its story culminates a quarter century plus saga of one company whose business was translating the basic research in the behavioral sciences – including that of cognitive scientists Kahneman and Tversky - into practical methods and tools, and “interventions” that could be used in organizations of all kinds to address complex issues rooted in challenges of understanding and addressing human judgment, decision making and behavior. Read more about the conference.

MARC USA Expands Behavioral Sciences-Driven Research and Strategy Leadership First Agency to Offer Mental Models Technology™

PITTSBURGH, PA, December 5, 2016 – MARC USA, one of the nation’s largest privately-owned, full-service advertising agencies, and Decision Partners: Cognitive Science Systems LP (Decision Partners) today announced a strategic partnership that will add Mental Modeling Technology™ (MMT™) to the agency’s suite of innovative behavioral sciences-backed research, strategy and communications capabilities. Read more.