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Strategic communications for stakeholder

engagement, risk and change management

Who Uses our Services?

Mental Modeling Technology™ (MMT™) applications span a broad range of industry and government organizations in major sectors, including automotive, chemical, consumer products and services, defense, energy, environmental management, forest products, health care, information systems/technology, mining, plastics, transportation and water. There is a large, growing global community of MMT™ users, clients, researchers and applications professionals in public, private and not-for-profit organizations around the globe.

What Services do we Offer?

Mental Modeling Technology Platform Services

Leaders in organizations worldwide require proven, scientifically sound methods to help them better understand and address judgment, decision making and behavior. With Mental Modeling Technology™ (MMT™) leaders have at their desktop the essential processes, methods and tools along with the required professional support to successfully engage the people critical to their success — customers, employees, citizens, regulators, peers, stakeholders.

We provide leaders with the MMT™ process, methods and tools, along with the required professional support, through a rapidly expanding network of certified applications professionals.

Strategic Communications Services

Communication planning

Development of communication strategies and plans in alignment with overall business objectives.

Change management communication strategies

By integrating change communications with normal communications, staff anxiety and uncertainty is minimized allowing greater focus on the work at hand.

Communication auditing

A review of communications materials and their intended use establishes level of consistency and appropriateness in alignment with communications objectives.

Issues management

Issues are managed by identifying risks associated with tactical options addressed to different audience segments to select the best course of action.

Communications engagement plans

Consultation with stakeholders identifies issues and concerns in order to develop the most targeted messages and plans.

Advisory services

Crossroad Communications collaborates as a trusted partner to provide strategic counsel and advisory services to senior management.